Guest Etiquette:
All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while on Club premises.

Cellular Phone and Electronic Device Policy:
The use of electronic devices for communication, including texting, is prohibited on Club grounds, except inside the phone booth in the Clubhouse or an automobile. Smart phones or tablets may, however, be used to take or display photographs. E-readers such as the Kindle, iPad and other devices are not permitted. The use of any electronic device to view or transmit video content is also prohibited.

Attire for the Golf Course:
Collared shirts (tucked in) worn with pants or Bermuda length shorts are considered appropriate attire for gentlemen and boys. Collared shirts worn with skirts, Bermuda length shorts, or pants are considered appropriate attire for ladies and girls. Tee shirts, shorts or skirts, shorter than 4" above the knee, blue jeans, or "cargo" type pants/shorts are not considered proper attire. Caps must be worn bill forward. Onwentsia is a Soft Spike only course.

No gratuities may be given to any member of the staff.

The Onwentsia Club’s buildings are entirely smoke-free. Per City of Lake Forest Ordinance, no smoking is permitted in any outdoor dining areas, in the presence of a Club employee or within 25 feet of any building entrance.

Golf Shop – 847-234-6430